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POC Willow Springs Raceway

The weekend of February 10th, 911 Design headed out to Willow Springs Raceway to participate in the first cup race of the 2012 season. With Friday being a test day, it gave the participants a chance to have a lot of fun with their vehicles. With ample enough of track time, the drivers were given the chance to “feel out the car”, challenge themselves, try out new techniques or practice some old ones. With all the “free time” on the track, it also gave a chance for the technicians to tweak the drivers car to perfect handling specifications, making the anticipation for Saturday’s race almost unbearable.

On Saturday, Dan Davis in his twin turbo “Blue Thunder”, number 271, gave everyone a thrill as he battled it out for first place. He started out with a wide lead, giving the spectators a great show. Although the start looked promising for Dan Davis, his lead was soon narrowed down and to everyone’s surprise, he was passed. But if you know Dan Davis you know he will not give up without a fight and he shortly regained the lead.  Other drivers were able to take “Best in Class”, while some driver’s had a great time breaking prior lap records. Overall, a good time was had by all.

On Sunday, the final battle took place. The wave of the green flag set the guys off and once again Dan took the lead coming out of start and finish. Pulling away from the pack as they came around the first corner, Dan still in the lead but loosing speed, corner three he is almost passed but goes for the inside and pulls away. End of lap one and Dan still has the lead. Back around for the third lap and in corner four Dan is passed, but we’ve seen this happen before and we eagerly await the battle for the lead. Coming around again, and Dan gets passed two more times. Coming around corner four we can see there is definitely something wrong. One more lap, and Dan pulls out of the race due to feeling under the weather, “Blue Thunder” wont be seen again for the remainder of the race.

Overall, the weekend was a great start to the 2012 season for 911 Design and our customers, we were able to push the limits of the cars and drivers. With a few  tweaks, 911 Design and our customers are ready for the next event.

Willow Springs International Raceway in Lancaster can boast that it is one of the few privately owned tracks left. Our next event at this track is  April 21 – 22 and it will be the Triple Crown Event. Prior to this on March 9 – 11, we will be in Pahrump, Nevada. We welcome everyone, whether or not you have a car, to come and watch.

“We did great at Speedway”

Saturday June 5th Doug and Loren participated in the Porsche Owners Club 18th annual “Tribute to Le Mans” in Loren’s newly completed Porsche 997 RSR. It started it’s life off as a 2006 GT3 Cup car and was recently updated to RSR specs with a 4 liter engine and new body work, wheels and suspension. The car had some new car handling issues all weekend but buy the time we got to the race it was working pretty well. We qualified 3rd overall. Loren was late getting to the grid so we started last for the race. 20 minutes into the race Loren was able to work his way up to the lead after a good battle with Robert Dalrymple for first place.

We came in for our first pit stop and our strategy was to do a fuel only stop which worked very well. This put us up almost a whole lap on the field 20 minutes after the pit stop. Unfortunately at that point Loren drove off the track and hit one of the water barriers slightly damaging the car but worst of all the car got stuck in the barrier for about 3 minutes. Loren returned to the pits and after a few minutes in the pits our crew chief Mike Fox determined the car was safe to return to the track.

After 2 hours and 20 minutes Loren turned the car over to Doug. Doug proceeded to set some very fast lap times with the car equal to our qualifying time. Then Doug was black flagged for a “dangling” left rear flair from the accident. We used it to our advantage and fueled the car for the final time and Doug went back out in second place.

Loren and Doug finished first in class and second over all. The winners were Robert Dalrymple, Steve Goldman and Bob Fieta in Roberts 997 RSR.

“This was one of the most exciting races in years for me” commented Doug after the race. “It was pretty embarrassing driving off the track from the lead of the race but Doug did a great job during his stint. It was great driving with Doug again in the Tribute to Le Mans. This was a great tune up for the Miller Motorsports American Le Mans race coming up July 11th” Loren commented.

California Speedway 6-6-2010 021California Speedway 6-6-2010 009California Speedway 6-6-2010 058

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