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1978 Porsche 911sc Cup Car


Posted June 01, 2015 in Race Modifications, Tech Tips


Customer Objective: Dave Jansen had some transmission trouble the last time the car hit the track

Project Detail: Today we are working on the transmission for a 1978 911SC that has been back dated to look like a 1973. The last time this car was taken to the track the transmission suffered some damage. We have removed it from the car to perform the proper repairs. The transmission is currently being reassembled. Any broken or damaged parts were removed and replaced with brand new genuine Porsche parts. All of our transmission work is done in our dedicated engine room. This room is meant solely for motor and transmission work. The room is kept as clean as possible to prevent any dust from resting inside of the motor and is very well organized to ensure no parts are misplaced.

Outcome: Dave was happy to be able to take Davey Boy back home with him. He drove it right into his trailer and is preparing for his next race.

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