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Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber vs. Fiberglass: Texture, Strength, and Cost

Posted August 14, 2019

After waiting years for the right time to take on a Porsche® restoration or upgrade project, you finally decided to buy that new 1974 911 or a 1984 Carrera. The car is in pretty good shape for the most part; it was well maintained, and you purchased it from the original owner, but there are […]

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Carbon Fiber and Racing

Posted September 25, 2017

Most of today’s cars are made of steel, the tried-and-true metal for large-scale industrial machinery. While steel can be forged into car beams, panels, and roofs, it is a rudimentary material compared to newer technologies. The materials used in vehicle manufacturing have become safer and more sophisticated over the years, offering top-of-the-line performance and safety. […]

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