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Rebuild Porsche® Project

Design Files: Restoration of a 1966 Porsche® 911 IMSA GTU Car

Posted February 27, 2020

2 Minute Read:  At 911 Design, we take our restoration projects very seriously because we understand the investment people put into their vintage race cars and collectible vehicles. In our blogging series, called Design Files, we take you along for the ride to see the step-by-step transformation on the unique cars we are trusted to […]

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Design Files: Progress of a 1993 Porsche® 964

Posted January 21, 2020

3 Min ReadIn the next blogging series of Design Files, we will take you through our progress on a 1993 Porsche® 964.This model, designed by Benjamin Dimson, was known for its sleek styling and was the first car to be offered with Porsche®’s Tiptronic automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. We will take you through the […]

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Design Files: Full Restoration of a 1968 Porsche® 911S

Posted September 13, 2019

The web is filled with before and after photos depicting the restoration or modification of every kind of Porsche® you could imagine. But these photos you may take a quick glance at often leave out the most interesting part of the story: how to go from a weathered, rusted hoopty to a polished classic. So, […]

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