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Does My Specialty Vehicle Need Premium Gas?


Posted July 31, 2018 in Performance-Enhancing Services

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When the average driver commutes over 13,000 miles per year, it may be tempting to skip the premium fuel and stick to regular to save money. If you drive a specialty car, however, you may be nervous about what regular gas might do to your treasured vehicle. It is a common misconception that premium gas is cleaner or purer than regular gasoline, but that is not the case. The most significant factor that should guide what type of gas your car needs lies in the build of its engine and how efficient you want its performance to be.

Premium vs. Regular

The simplest way to explain the difference between the two types of gas is that premium is not as combustible as regular. Less combustible fuel results in a reduced risk of pre-ignition and engine knocking. Engine knocking or pinging occurs when fuel burns unevenly rather than in singular bursts. An engine that requires premium gas can become damaged by engine knocking caused by using the wrong type of fuel. That is not to say, however, that regular gasoline is harmful to all vehicles.

Specialty Vehicles and Premium Gas

Specialty vehicles usually have high-performance engines, which are constructed differently than those of standard cars. A conventional vehicle engine has a simple design that is meant to run on regular gas efficiently and without any issues. However, most specialty or luxury cars have higher compression ratios that need higher octane fuel to produce optimal power and gas mileage. These vehicles are more likely to experience engine knocking, mechanical trauma, and less efficient overall performance if they are given regular gas. When in doubt, use the type of fuel that is recommended in your vehicle’s manual.

Optimize Your Engine

Whether you own a specialty or standard car, there are always steps you can take in addition to using the right kind of fuel that can improve how well it runs. 911 Design is a restoration facility in Southern California that provides performance-enhancing services for a wide range of vehicles. Our highly experienced technicians offer the following options:

  • Basic maintenance
  • Suspension
  • Engine/transmission/exhaust
  • Restoration

For more information about how to keep your specialty vehicle in optimal condition, please contact 911 Design by calling 909.982.9111.

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