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How a Suspension System Works


Posted January 01, 2019 in suspension modifications

Suspension System-img-blogIf all roads were flat and smooth, then suspension systems would not be necessary. In reality, roads are bumpy and hazardous and require a capable suspension that can take on any condition. Suspension systems include a wide variety of parts and are an integral part of your automobile.

The Purpose Of A Suspension System

The suspension’s primary purpose is to give a driver more control by:

  • Providing proper handling and steering stability
  • Maximizing the friction between the tires and road surface during cruising, acceleration, and braking
  • Enhancing the comfort of the driver and passengers

How It Works

The primary duty of the suspension system is to keep the tires on the road. Why is this important? When a tire hits an imperfection in the street, it exerts a vertical force on the car which generally transfers into the frame and results in the entire vehicle lifting slightly off the road. Control of the vehicle comes from manipulating the direction and speed of the tires. Therefore, more control is possible when contact between the tires and the road is maximized. The suspension system takes vertical force and absorbs it so that you can have more control.
Suspension systems enhance your drive through:

  • Cornering: The vehicle’s capability for traveling a curved path
  • Road Isolation: The ability of the vehicle to absorb shock
  • Road Holding: The degree to which a car maintains contact with the road

The Fundamental Components of Suspension Systems

Suspension systems have many different parts and configurations. The parts that can be found in almost every suspension system include:

  • Springs: The springs that absorb vertical energy
  • Dampers: Dissipate the energy that the springs absorb
  • Anti-sway bars: Metal rods that span the entire length of the axel and join each side of the suspension together. These provide more stability and influence the rigidity of the vehicle.

Arranged Street shot of an historic Porsche 911-img-blogThe parts of your vehicle’s suspension system work together to maintain good handling and ride stability. The suspension system is vital for maximum performance and needs to be regularly maintained. You should make sure to keep your suspension system in good working order, especially if you intend to drive in a high-performance manner. A well-maintained suspension can give you better handling, influence the stability of your vehicle, and improve your overall safety. Take good care of your suspension, and your suspension will take good care of you.

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