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What Is Frame Damage and How Is It Repaired?


Posted December 10, 2018 in Frame Damage

If your mechanic has informed you that you have frame damage, you might be wondering just what frame damage is and what should be done about it. Frame damage is often thought of as catastrophic because it entails a reduction in the structural integrity of the vehicle. However, frame damage is something that can be fixed in many cases.

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What Is Frame Damage?

Automobiles usually have what is called a crumple zone and a frame. The crumple zone is constructed of softer materials that are made to absorb impact by collapsing or squishing together. On the other hand, a frame is made to offer a vehicle structural rigidity and durability. Vehicle frames are not intended to take on damage like the crumple zone is. When there is frame damage, it must be serviced by skilled technicians who specialize in frame repair.

How Is Frame Damage Repaired?

Frame damage is repaired by welding, cutting, and rebuilding sections of the frame that are damaged. At 911 Design, we use specialized equipment for our frame repairs, including the CAR BENCH® Piranha™ and the newest addition to our body shop, the TECNA® Automated Spot Welder. Different parts of the structure can be repaired including the pillars, firewall, apron, strut tower, panels, rear support, and uni-rail. Proper frame damage repairs make a vehicle safe to drive again, and with expert repairs, the car is returned to its pre-accident condition.

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Why Choose Frame Repair?

In our modern times, it is common to get rid of something if it is in poor condition. This phenomenon of disposing materials is often true with cars too when vehicles are junked rather than repaired. There are several good reasons to get frame damage fixed. First of all, your car could be precious as a collector’s item or for sentimental reasons, so you may want to preserve your vehicle. Also, repairing your vehicle could be better for the environment because it reduces material waste. Most of all, it is merely a good principle to restore something to its former glory. Don’t let your beautiful vehicle become just another old rust bucket. Take pride in taking care of your car and your vehicle will reward you with plenty of happy memories.

911 Design is your premier auto body repair shop in Southern California. If you are interested in frame damage repairs, then give us a call at (909) 982-9111 for a quote.

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