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Race Car Development

From Build To Track, We’ve Done It

As a full-service repair and restoration facility, 911 Design specializes in custom fabrication, design, and performance upgrades for all Porsche® models. Whether your car is a daily driver, a weekend track car, or a full-time race car, we deliver the high-quality technical expertise and service you expect. Years of experience in club and professional racing make our service technicians world-class. Known for superlative work, fabrication expertise, and craftsmanship, 911 Design has served the Porsche® community both inside and outside of California for over 20 years.

Race Car Development Services

  • Design and Custom Fabrication

    Design and Custom Fabrication

    Each setup is custom, meaning it does not come off the shelf, nor can it be replicated. We work with you to design, build, source components, and create the engine or exhaust modifications to fulfill your needs.

  • Suspension


    Let us help you maximize your handling performance through a combination of suspension components and a custom configuration, such as:

    • Custom race ABS installation
    • Alignment and corner balancing
    • Pre-event setup and safety inspection (DE, TT, Club/Pro)
  • Engine/ Transmission/ Exhaust

    Engine/ Transmission/ Exhaust

    We can upgrade, enhance, rebuild, and modify your vehicle so that it performs to your expectations using the following:

    • Engine and transmission rebuilding
    • On-site machine shop/clean room
    • Dynapack™ chassis dynamometer
    • Performance exhaust and air induction systems
    • ECU upgrades
  • In-House Paint and Bodywork

    In-House Paint and Bodywork

    Our equipment is high quality, so your finished product is within factory specification. At 911 Design, we offer the very latest in paint booth and frame-straightening technology under one roof, including:

    • 2011 Spray-Tech®/Junair America’s Spray Booth
    • CAR BENCH® Piranha™ Frame Bench
  • Track Service and Support

    Track Service and Support

    911 Design allows you to maximize your time and enjoyment so you don’t spend half the weekend transporting or working on your car. We eliminate the need for a trailer, towing, insurance, and storage by providing:

    • Pre-track setup at our facility
    • Enclosed transport
    • Trackside fine-tuning by our skilled technicians
  • Enhance Your Driving Skills

    Enhance Your Driving Skills

    Understanding how your car will respond under adverse conditions and learning how to manage it could save your life. With guidance from our certified instructors, you’ll have the best chance of recovering in a potentially harmful situation. Drive your car fast and safe, just as Stuttgart intended.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does 911 Design work on vehicle models other than Porsche®?

Yes. Collision and custom work is available for any make or model vehicle, including American brands. We also provide custom fabrication, design, and performance upgrade services for Ferrari® and Lamborghini® models at our full-service repair and restoration facility.

What is the Dynapack™ chassis dynamometer and how is it better than a traditional roller dyno?

The Dynapack™ chassis dynamometer takes more precise measurements of performance data than a roller dyno. Because Dynapack™ attaches to the axles, there is no distortion due to tire variables, producing the most accurate measurements possible.

Are all of the services provided by 911 Design done in-house?

Absolutely. All of our services are vertically integrated, which means we keep all repair, fabrication, and auto body work in-house. If a customer desires an amenity we do not offer, we can provide reputable recommendations.

What is ABS?

ABS stands for anti-lock braking system, and it is a safety feature that helps wheels maintain traction while braking. By preventing the wheels from locking, ABS enables the driver to have better control of the vehicle. At 911 Design, we firmly believe handling is essential to improved driving performance and safety.

Is 911 Design affiliated with Porsche® Cars North America?

No. 911 Design is independent and not affiliated with Porsche® Cars North America.

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