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911 Design Services

911 Design is a full-service facility in the Inland Empire that offers expertise in maintenance, restoration, and repair services tailored for Porsche® vehicles. For more information about our services, call us at (909) 982-9111 or fill out our online contact form here.

Repair and Customization Services

  • Skilled Collision Repair and Refinishing Experts

    Skilled Collision Repair and Refinishing Experts

    Qualified and trustworthy auto body technicians repair and refinish Porsche® vehicles using the most up-to-date tools, technology, and training. Our technicians perform the complex structural, mechanical, body, and refinishing work designed to surpass the industry quality standards for Porsche® vehicles.

  • Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Repair and Replacement

    Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Repair and Replacement

    Our auto body technicians are trained to employ specialized techniques to make the appropriate repairs. From weave and layer direction to lamination and finishing, our custom replacement parts improve the vehicle while retaining its original features.

  • In-House Paint and Customization

    In-House Paint and Customization

    At 911 Design, your customization desires for your vehicle are never limited. We offer fender flares, aero kits, and spoilers, along with the latest in paint-booth technology (Spray-Tech®/Junair), conveniently located in our Montclair shop.

  • Ceramic Coating

    Ceramic Coating

    We offer ceramic coating that bonds with the paint on your car to protect the surface with a shield of liquid polymer. This creates a chemically resistant layer that does not wash away or wear down like wax. The ceramic coating also enhances the color, gloss, and clarity of your car’s paint.

  • Body and Frame Straightening

    Body and Frame Straightening

    Our technicians use one of the most accurate, advanced, and versatile frame-straightening systems in the industry called CAR BENCH® Piranha™. With technical data straight from the manufacturers’ blueprints, our specialists work within one millimeter of original specifications to get the fit right on the first try.

  • Expertise in Porsche® Vehicle Restoration

    Expertise in Porsche® Vehicle Restoration

    We can refurbish your Porsche® vehicle to your desired standards or restore your car to its original condition. Our work has been featured in car competitions, so if you have a garage find or daily driver you want to revive, 911 Design can help you achieve your goals and get your car in pristine condition.

Street & Performance Services

Scheduled Maintenance

We offer a range of maintenance and tuning services to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly. Just a fraction of the routine maintenance services we provide include oil changes, brake diagnosis, engine diagnosis and performance, as well as tire mounting, balancing, and repair.


Your car’s suspension includes the tires, springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connect the vehicle to its wheels and tires. We offer suspension components and set-up options like alignment, corner balancing, springs, shocks, sway bars, and suspension bushings.

In-House Paint and Bodywork

We use the latest technological developments in paint booth and frame-straightening to meet your vehicle needs. We only use Glasurit paint that matches the original paint on your Porsche®. Our Technicians are Glasurit VisionPLUS certified. Your finished product is always within factory specification and met with the highest quality of products. Our goal is to return you vehicle to pre accident condition.


We offer engine and transmission rebuilding, on-site shop/clean room, Dynapack™ chassis dynamometer, and more. We can upgrade, enhance, rebuild, and modify your vehicle with new products that perform to your expectations.


We can restore your Porsche® vehicle to the standard you desire by installing new features, adding suspension components, and/or revamping the paint and customization elements entirely.

Enhance Your Driving Skills

We have highly accomplished driving instructors to teach you how to handle your vehicle in emergency situations. Our instructors will teach you how to react if you ever find yourself in a harmful situation with your Porsche®.

Race Car Development Services

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