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Porsche Air Conditioning Service Montclair CA

The air conditioning system in your Porsche helps keep you comfortable and safe behind the wheel, and should be regularly serviced to maximize performance. From providing fresh, cool air in the summer months, to helping defrost or defog your windows in the winter, the air conditioning system is constantly at work. And much like an engine, your Porsche air conditioning system should be routinely checked for condition and operation.

When to Service Your Air Conditioning System

Regularly servicing your air conditioning system will ensure consistent operation throughout the year, and can be done when regularly servicing your Porsche. An AC repair should also be scheduled any time an issue arises. Some of the most common issues with air conditioning systems can include:

  • Warm air coming from vents
  • Little to no air coming from vents
  • Windows will not defog or fog up quickly
  • Interior air has a foul smell
  • Whining or hissing noise from engine bay
  • Engine bogs down when using AC
  • Check engine light turns on when using AC


If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms in your Porsche, there is likely an issue with your air conditioning system, and it should be serviced quickly to prevent further issues. Now much like your vehicle’s engine or transmission, any issue with the air conditioning system should be diagnosed by an expert technician. Being comprised of specialized pumps, belts, high-pressure lines, and refrigerant, the air conditioning system can be complicated to repair without specialized knowledge and tools.

Schedule a Porsche AC Service

Fortunately at 911 Design our in-house Porsche AC service center is staffed by a team of expert factory-trained technicians, who can get your air conditioning system performing at its best. Schedule an AC service appointment today at 911 Design by clicking below or calling (909) 982-9111. Stay dry this winter and stay cool this summer with a Porsche air conditioning service from 911 Design!