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Porsche® Restoration

The latest in paint and bodywork technology.

Everyone has their own idea of what vehicle restoration means to them. Restoration can involve cosmetic improvements, mechanical tune-ups, or concours-specific enhancements. At 911 Design, we employ skilled technicians and utilize high-quality equipment to give your Porsche® top-of-the-line treatment. Whether your Porsche® is a daily driver or occasional weekend car, we offer the cosmetic and functional services you need to achieve your restoration goals. Our objective is to understand the unique desires of each of our customers and provide them with the appropriate vehicle renovations that meet their expectations.

Porsche® Restoration Services

  • Full Paint and Bodywork

    Full Paint and Bodywork

    Our restoration specialists apply the latest in paint and bodywork technology to ensure outstanding renovation results for your Porsche® vehicle. We can complete fast, controlled painting using waterborne paints and a fully filtered airflow system. Additionally, our technicians follow technical bodywork data straight from the manufacturer to work within one millimeter of the original blueprint. At our full-service facility, 911 Design has the following paint and bodywork tools available:

    • 2011 Spray-Tech®/Junair America’s Spray Booth
    • CAR BENCH® Piranha™ Frame Bench
  • Engine/Transmission Rebuilding

    Engine/Transmission Rebuilding

    At 911 Design, our highly trained and experienced technicians provide reliable mechanical rebuilding services for all Porsche® vehicles. By combining our cutting-edge tools and restoration proficiency, we can customize each engine and transmission restoration project to achieve the optimal performance you desire. The benefits of choosing 911 Design for your Porsche® engine and transmission rebuilding needs include:

    • State-of-the-art technologies
    • Quality control standards
    • A team of engineering experts
  • Suspension Renewal

    Suspension Renewal

    Maximizing vehicle control and providing a more enjoyable driving experience is a top priority at 911 Design. Renewing and replacing the suspension elements of your Porsche® automobile enhances comfort and produces a smoother ride. We can give your Porsche® automobile a safer, more stable handling performance with the following services:

    • Alignment and corner balancing
    • Replacement of springs and shocks
    • Sway bars and suspension bushings installation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does 911 Design only service Porsche® vehicles?

No. We offer full service for all makes and models! Whether you bring in a specialty vehicle or a family wagon, we can provide the exceptional repair work you need.

Does 911 perform all of its services in-house?

Yes. Our facility is equipped to carry out all of our services in-house without outsourcing. Should you wish for a particular upgrade we do not offer, we will recommend a trustworthy establishment that does.

What are the benefits of sway bars?

Sway bars are attached to the front and rear suspension systems to prevent body rolls on sharp turns. These enhancements help maintain control of the vehicle, maintain alignment, and reduce vibrations while driving.

Does 911 offer auto body customization services?

Yes. At 911 Design we provide quality collision repair and customization services. Customization capabilities include fender flares, aero kits, spoilers, and everything in between.

Is 911 Design affiliated with Porsche® Cars North America?

No. 911 Design is an independent business, and it is not affiliated with Porsche® Cars North America.

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