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Come See The Porsche Brake Repair Experts at 911 Design

Keeping your brakes in good shape is important no matter what vehicle you’re driving. From routine maintenance to serious repairs, it’s always a good idea to have a trusted service on hand for Porsche brake service, and when you’re looking for a reliable solution in Montclair, 911 Design can deliver everything that you need.

What is Included with Porsche Brake Service?

The exact brake service that you need will depend on the age and mileage of your Porsche. However, a typical brake service visit includes a full inspection of the brakes, including the calipers, rotors, pads, and shoes. It will also include a check of the brake fluid, along with changing that fluid every 30,000 miles or so.

Your technician will remove the wheels and check both the front and rear brakes for any signs of wear or damage. They will take note of the current condition and level of wear left on the brake pads, as well as make any suggestions on when certain parts should be replaced or serviced. They may even perform the service and repairs as part of the process after checking with you, saving you another trip.

How Often Do I Need Brake Service?

You should have your brakes inspected at every service appointment, even if it’s just a periodic oil change. You’ll also want to have them included in an overall vehicle inspection before you hit the road with your Porsche or if you are going to be storing it for a while. The frequency with which you’ll need to actually replace pads, rotors, brake fluid, or other components will depend on your driving habits, the exact vehicle model, and other factors. That’s why inspections are an important part of maintenance.

Can I Prevent Brake Problems?

If you take care of your brakes, you can prevent a lot of issues and spend less on replacement parts over time. Choose to use higher quality brake pads like the Porsche-approved styles used here at 911 Design. When you’re driving, don’t “ride” the brake. Consider choosing an alternate route with less stop-and-go traffic to save your brakes, too, and make sure that you’re not just spiking the brakes at every stop—only apply the necessary pressure.

In addition to having your brakes regularly inspected and serviced, these are all great ways you can help reduce the likelihood that you’ll have brake problems with your Porsche. When you take good care of your brakes, you’ll be able to trust that the only thing you ever need is routine brake service. And, when you get that from 911 Design, you’ll trust that you’re getting the best luxury service around.

We can provide Porsche brake service for drivers in Fort Montclair and other nearby areas. Our service center is staffed with experts who understand the unique needs of imports and luxury brands like Porsche and who will keep your brakes in their best condition at all times. Schedule an appointment now or call (909) 982-9111 to learn more.