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Arrive and Drive

911 Design takes the stress out of racing with our Arrive and Drive program. We will prep, maintain, tune, repair, and transport your vehicle to the track. All you need to do is show up and race. From dedicated racer to weekend warrior to first timer, 911 Design has you covered. With over 30 years of building, maintaining, and racing Porsche® vehicles, 911 Design has the tools and the knowledge to provide superior racing support for all levels of competition. Our goal is to take care of everything so that you can just arrive and drive.

Arrive and Drive Services

  • Preparation


    Our team at 911 Design ensures that all of our Arrive and Drive vehicles are fully prepped for each track’s specifications. Some of the critical components of race track preparation we provide include:

    • Alignments
    • Tech inspection
    • Safety inspection
    • Engine and gear oil change
    • Brake flush
    • Prep for track-specific sound limits
    • Other track-specific settings
  • Onsite Track Support

    Onsite Track Support

    The Arrive and Drive program includes one-on-one track support to take care of all of our customers’ needs during and between races. While you enjoy your day at the track, our onsite track support handles all of the following and more:

    • Fueling
    • Tire swaps
    • Pit support
    • Tuning
    • Driver instruction
    • Minor repairs
    • And much more
  • Race Strategy

    Race Strategy

    911 Design has the tools and the knowledge that can only be obtained through 30 years of building, maintaining, prepping, and racing Porsches®. From racing theory to track-specific strategy, 911 Design knows it all. During your Arrive and Drive session, we will provide you with one-on-one support with an experienced Porsche® racing technician as well as knowledge and tips from experienced Porsche® racers to improve your skills behind the wheel.

  • Hospitality


    We set up large awnings and hospitality tents for our Arrive and Drive customers to have a place to relax between races and consult with our technicians, as needed. Our awnings provide shelter for their cars, drivers, and technicians from the sun and rain while out at the track. All of our tented areas are stocked with light snacks and beverages as well as tables and chairs to provide a comfortable and stress-free racing experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need to bring to the track for my Arrive and Drive session?

You must bring your own personal driving gear and safety equipment. 911 Design will provide the tools, technicians, accommodations, and transportation of your vehicle to the track.

What are the main things that will be provided at my Arrive and Drive session?

At the track, we offer:

  • Alignment/suspension work
  • Race strategy
  • Qualifying strategies
  • Coaching for customers
  • Hospitality tents

Is 911 Design associated with Porsche® Cars North America?

911 Design is not affiliated with Porsche® Cars North America. We are an independent automotive specialty shop that repairs and restores a variety of specialty automobiles.

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